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Jingzhou City Centre is the original whale whales Casting company formed from the casting plant relocation , part of Jingzhou whales Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. , specialized in the production and sale of castings , forgings and welding parts .

        Casting Center is located in the eastern side of Jingzhou Development Zone East Road , No. 149 , with corporate headquarters whale standing across the road , and convenient transportation. Center covering 130 acres, with an investment 120 million yuan , construction area of 30,000 square meters, with modern design and advanced foundry business planning , plant all of the standard steel construction , improve the layout of science facilities. Casting Center building is an important part of the development strategy whales Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. , as well as being included in Jingzhou City, 2009-2010 major industrial projects. Relocation and reconstruction began in early 2009 , at the end of October 2010 to complete the construction of new plants and formally put into production.

        Casting center has 156 employees , including senior engineers, engineers and other professional and technical personnel more than ten people , technicians and more than 20 senior workers . CAD casting process using computer -aided design, production and technical management of various data entered into the computer database , the implementation of information management. Casting about to buy CAE simulation software , increase casting quality control . Workers have a professional appearance and more than 10 people, with a CNC foam cutting machine , capable of casting mold development and production.

Casting Center has two imports from the United States should reach the company 6T / h medium frequency induction furnace , two 10T / h mobile continuous automatic mixer , a 20T / h continuous automatic stationary mixer , blender bowl three, driving more than 30 units , the maximum lifting weight 20T, 15T produce castings unit weight . A CNC 15M aging gas furnace, installed furnace size 5.5X3X2.5 meters. A 15T shake off the sand , two hanging 5T / h shot blasting machine, a 20T up to 5 meters in diameter rotary blast machine . With a full set of advanced environmentally friendly recycling equipment for sand , sand transported by air pressure of all piping .

         Casting Center of various testing instruments : Japan imported PDA-5500S Shimadzu spectroscopy direct reading instrument, Front rapid thermometer, Jinan Times examination WAW-b00c computer controlled servo universal testing machine , Jinan Times examination DWY-60A low-temperature impact testing machines, hardness , multi- component analyzer , magnetic and ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipment, capable of mechanical properties and composition of the state for rapid and accurate identification, to ensure the quality of castings . While continuing to strengthen technology innovation , strengthening technical cooperation with research institutes and universities, have established a joint R & D center and thermal processing , Huazhong University of Science and Technology .

        Casting Center of various tooling facilities, advanced technology means strict control , mainly for various grades of gray cast iron (HT100-HT350), ductile iron (QT400-18-QT800-2) and production of compacted graphite iron , modeling all use furan resin Sand casting superior quality, strong ability to adapt production to produce various quantities and various sizes of castings , annual production capacity of 10,000 tons .

        Forged using regenerative gas furnace and electric furnace precise temperature control , and have put on a feeder robot , with air hammer 2500kg , 1000kg air hammer , 750kg air hammer each one , the annual production capacity of 2000 tons of forging .

        2 CNC welding shop has propelled flame cutting machines, 12 sets of CO2 gas protection welder, reasonable design , can produce various forms of welding parts .

     There are now part of the production capacity of the center to provide external cooperation , welcome to visit our factory to discuss cooperation matters .

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