• >>Top works planetary gear reducer




>> product overview

>> product overview

Top works planetary gear reducer is a vertical, horizontal installation can be, a very wide range of applications of the new reducer. Mainly used for municipal, urban construction, environmental protection and traffic engineering jacking boring machine can also be used for general transmission of energy, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other industries in the light. 

    Top gear works in the municipal construction process, due to the small space inside the top of the boring machine limits, requiring transmission parts must be compact. The gearbox has a light weight, small size, high efficiency, the best choice is to match the top of the boring machine. Novel structure, reasonable layout, transmission ratio, set out to have a good performance shaft torque. 


Top works planetary gear reducer can basically meet the diameter φ800-φ6000mm main drive shield tunneling machine cutter and screw conveyor slag systems. 

Input power: 5 ~ 22kw 

Input shaft speed: ≤ 1500r/min 

Working temperature: -40 ℃ - +45 ℃ (below 0 ℃, the oil should be preheated before starting to above 10 ℃, the operation can be both positive and negative)

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